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Tenrox PSA

Professional service automation app

Published 11/19/2014 and rated Ratingstars4 4 out of 5 stars
by AppAppeal Editor
What can you use the app for?

Tenrox PSA is a professional services automation app that provides a number of features and capabilities that help service companies manage their projects from inception to completion. The cloud project management, service delivery and billing solution is designed to meet the demands of dispersed service teams, with resources and customers in multiple locations. Tenrox provides complete visibility into the entire project lifecycle, with tools to automate and track all project-related tasks, including bidding and funding, budget and resource allocation, setting tasks and milestones, billing and expense management, along with project reporting.

Tenrox PSA is divided into four modules: Project Management, Time & Expense, Project Financials, and Resource Management. Modules can be deployed in a phased out manner and each module comes with its own set of processes, creating a smooth business workflow. The project management module in Tenrox facilitates project collaboration with shared workspaces for teams and clients and a Project Central portal for document and sharing. It also covers project planning through tasks and milestones, shared work plans, and shared graphical project workflows. The module also lets team members log time and project managers to generate reports on tasks and milestones.

Aside from complete project management, Tenrox PSA provides a core Time & Expense module as well as a Project Financials module. Both of these modules help to automate billing, manage costs and budgets and understand revenue. You can track and approve employee overtime, leave time and expenses, applying taxes and exchange rates for various countries. The Resource Management module is another core feature of Tenrox, giving you the tools for skill management, capacity planning and resource forecasting. Through this module resource and project managers can identify and allocate the right staff for the right jobs depending on skill sets, certificates, location and hours

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What is the history and popularity of the app?

Tenrox PSA forms part of the Upland product family whose products are used by Fortune 2000 companies worldwide. Tenrox PSA is used by over 800 clients in 50 countries. Clients come from a range of industries - from aviation, to design and architecture, and even forensic software. Some of their more recognizable clients include SAP, Oxfam Quebec and Estee Lauder.The website hosts a number of customer case studies and video testimonials.

What are the differences to other apps?

Tenrox PSA offers a solution for service companies with workers, stakeholders and clients in multiple worldwide locations with capabilities such as multi-country tax management, multi-currency expense management, and compliance with labor and industry regulations. The app also stands out for its emphasis on workflows, processes and planning with tools for managing costs, budgets, resources, billing, tasks, milestones, workflows, deadlines, leave time, and more. The app provides complete visibility and tracking of project health at a detailed level. Another key differentiator is the Resource Management module allowing for maximum utilization of resources.

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How does the web app look and feel to use?

The clean and crisp blue and white interface of Tenrox PSA avoids clutter leaving room to display the most important information. There is a navigation sidebar on the righthand side associated with each area of project planning and management, such as the Financial header which gives access to the invoicing, payroll, expenses, accrual and revenue manager tools; or the Home header for access to the employee dashboard and timesheet manager. Through the Portals tab you can access Project Central, a one-stop shop for complete visibility into tasks, milestones, work plans, team members, budget, costs and more.

How does the registration process work?

To register for Tenrox PSA you need to go to the Tenrox website and choose Professional Service Automation from the drop-down menu under the Product tab. From the PSA page you can choose from three options: “Try Tenrox”, “Take Tour” or “Live Demo”. By clicking on the blue “Try Tenrox” button you will be lead to a page with a form to fill out asking for you name, job title, company, work email, phone and team size. When you submit the form a member of sales will get in touch with you to discuss a demo and pricing.

What does it cost to use the application?

Tenrox PSA provides custom pricing for each of its clients. Contact sales via the Tenrox website for a quote and a demo.

Who would you recommend the application to?

Tenrox PSA is suitable for companies offering billable services in any industry vertical, with current clients spanning from NGOs, universities and government offices, through to pharmaceuticals, engineering and manufacturing. The app is a great solution for any medium or large business managing multiple projects, resources, employees, contractors and clients, especially if team members and clients are in multiple global locations. Tenrox PSA can be used by resource managers, IT managers, project and portfolio managers, financial managers, as well as project team members and clients.

  • Project planning tools for designing graphical workflows, setting milestones, and allocating tasks
  • Project workspaces for team sharing of notes and documents, and team communication
  • Project Central portal for complete visibility into project costs, tasks, deadlines, workflow etc.
  • Time sheets and expenses reports for managing labor costs, over time and expenses
  • Resource management module for finding the best workers based on skill, location and availability
  • Accurate billing with automated invoices, billable hour tracking, and sales tax implementation
  • Real-time analytics and live integration with ADP, SAP, Oracle, Paychex, QuickBooks,, Microsoft Dynamics and more

Tenrox PSA video

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